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Occupational Therapist

Abbey studied for her OT Degree at University of South Australia and graduated with the enthusiasm and desire for helping individuals to participate in meaningful occupations within their home and in the community. She joined Making Sense OT at the beginning of 2019 and has been a valued member since this time. During this time she has continued to develop her skills in helping individuals to thrive.

She has experience in working within acute and community based settings, including completing standardised assessments, documentation and providing a variety of therapy requirements. She has also worked with a range of individuals from children to adults and has an interest in building their capacities and skills to reach desired goals and outcomes. Abbey has been involved in children’s camps and social skills groups for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Also she is currently running small social skills groups for individuals in their 20's. 

Abbey attended numerous professional development opportunities each year to further her skills. 
Also Abbey is working with adults to build their life skills to assist them to become independent with everyday activities.
Abbey believes in a holistic approach that focuses on modifying tasks, adjusting a patient’s environment and encouraging individuals to enhance the participation and performance in their daily living. 

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