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Founder and owner
Senior Occupational Therapist


Anne is passionate about enabling individuals to participate fully in their everyday occupations. Since graduating from UniSA in 1986 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (OT), Anne has worked in a variety of settings providing OT services for children and adults. This has involved both physical and mental health. In 1991 Anne opened her private OT practice in Adelaide and this has continued to grow and develop.

Anne has continued to invest in personal study and research and attend conferences and workshops to develop her skills as an OT and support the OTs at Making Sense to develop their clinical skills. As further evidence-based practice has emerged, Anne has modified the treatment techniques that she uses to ensure that the most current and evidence-based practices are used to assist individuals achieve their goals. 

Anne continues to love the work that she does as the rewards of seeing someone achieve a greater level of independence are immense. This continues to drive her to look at more evidence based frameworks. With Covid has come the opportunity to undertake a greater number of learnings online and access a greater number of international experts. 

Anne has worked with many children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. She has always known that her role is to assist individuals and the people who support them with skills to manage the challenges that they face not only during the sessions but most importantly in-between sessions. She has wanted to work more with families and she is finding that Theraplay, an attachment focused intervention and Ross Green's Collaborative Problem Solving framework allow her to to just this. Both these frameworks aim to assist the indivudual who has been through complex trauma to begin to heal through enhanced relationships with the people around them. Witnessing the transformation and growth in the children that she works with is what drives her dedication everyday. As does the enormous reward of mentoring the OTs at Making Sense and guiding them to become the best therapist they can be.

Anne has completed the Level One training with Theraplay which means that she can offer sessions based on Theraplay principles.

She has found that there are many ways to assist the families and children achieve many everyday functional activities from sleep to toileting and emotional regulation.

Anne’s goal setting and treatment supports the client/family centred approach focusing on strengths and skills and enhancing these through everyday occupational activities. 

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