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Making Sense Occupational Therapy is a family owned and operated OT practice that is concerned with promoting health and wellbeing to children, adolescents and adults through occupations.

All OT services are offered at the child’s home or school environment alongside the primary care giver or educational staff.

Assessment and treatment

At Making Sense Occupational Therapy, a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments are utilised. The aim is to help make sense of children’s abilities and behaviour. From the information gained through consultation with the child’s parents, teachers and treating professionals and the assessment of specific skills, the child’s strengths and abilities form the basis of the functional goals that are set for treatment. 

We have recently started to use interventions based on Theraplay principles. This works on attachment theory and building better relationships.

We are also including the work of Ross Greene, Clinical Psychologist into our practice. This is a Collaborative Problem Solving framework to help children with big behaviours be understood and assisted with the struggles that they experience.

The treatment goals may include any of the following:

  • Everyday routines such as getting ready in the morning, managing in the classroom and after school routine

  • Evening routine and getting to sleep

  • Attention and concentration

  • Sensory processing and sensory regulation

  • Gross and fine motor development and coordination

  • Visual perceptual and visual motor skills

  • Hand writing

  • Social and play skills including using Social Thinking

  • Emotional regulation

  • Management of anxiety and depression

  • Self regulation of activity and energy levels

  • Age appropriate everyday activities including self care, toileting, dressing (shoelaces), handwriting, social skills, managing anxiety, building relationships, sport and sleep​


To learn more about Child Services, fill out our contact form or reach out via our contact details today!

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